Gammill Statler Longarm

Our Statler by Gammill longarm machine is best-in-class for precision and consistency in finishing our client’s timeless treasures. The machine is made of durable cast aluminum with a steel machine head and is secured on an industrial grade table. It is loaded with the Servo System, which ensures accuracy of the sewing head, while the Gammill Breeze Track System keeps your quilt straight and tight on the rails throughout the quilting process. The machine’s stitch-regulator, 360 degree channel locks, built-in diagnostics and laser ensure the pattern you choose is evenly distributed throughout your project, and can be resized according to your preference.

Generally the pattern you choose will be repeatable throughout the quilt. You choose how often you want it to repeat throughout the quilt, and we will adjust the size of the pattern accordingly. Keep in mind the smaller your pattern, the more visible the thread will be. The longarm quilter can easily flip or stretch patterns, please just let us know in advance so we can make sure to quilt accordingly. We love our machine and look forward to helping you complete your beautiful works of art time and time again!